Extra virgin olive oil - High Quality - Masia El Altet (Spain)


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Joël Robuchon, who used to love going to Spain on holiday, was particularly fond of this exceptional oil.

A blend of the Picual, Arbequina, Blanqueta and Génoise varieties, this excellent olive oil has very fruity, delicate and complex flavours with notes of freshly picked tomatoes, banana, apple, tender green almonds, kiwi and artichoke.

Masia El Altet is made up of a team of passionate Spaniards who produce one of the world’s best olive oils, due in part to the quality of olives. They are harvested in Alcoy, in the Alicante region of Spain, at an altitude varying between 780 and 830m. The estate is situated between two protected natural parks ; olives grow far away from pollution, parasites and disease.
Artisanal methods allow olives to conserve all of their aromas ; patiently waiting for the olives to mature in their own time, then maintaining the oil at a specific temperature (between 13°C and 15°C) throughout the process. In this way, the oil remains intact and protected from oxidization.


Olive variety: Picual, Arbequina, Blanqueta and Génoise
Extra-virgin olive oil, cold pressed