Organic Beer Pale Ale, Fine de Chablis, Magnum 1.5L - Maddam - Chablis, France


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The standard bearer of the Maddam collection. 
Its aromatic power and fine bitterness make it a little gem, popular for tasting at international competitions.
Maddam beers are 100% artisanal and organic. They are brewed with various, hand-selected types of barley, all of which are grown in Burgundy, and using patiently elaborated and jealously guarded recipes inspired by refined and generous gastronomical brews. Maddam beers are all-natural, non-filtered and non-pasteurized, created by a unique brewing method of 60 days.
Located in Chablis (Burgundy)
Production : 900hl
Ingredients : organically grown barley malt from burgundy and organically grown hops, spring water, various organically grown spices.
Alc. : 5.5% vol.