Sardines rilettes with Espelette pepper - Groix & Nature - Brittany, France


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This rillette is exquisite on a piece of toasted rye bread to accompany an aperitif.

Groix et Nature are the only remaining seafood preservers on the island of Groix off the South coast of Brittany. It has inherited the traditional, authentic Breton quest for taste. The sardines are caught by fishing boats off the North Eastern coasts of the Atlantic. Sardine Rillettes with Espelette Pepper are delicately salted and oven-cooked with condiments that bring out the flavours of the ocean.

The recipe has been handed down by generations of women who have worked for the island’s preservers since 1860.


Sardines from North Eastern Atlantic, single cream, water, olive oil, wheat flour, milk and lactose proteins, salt, shallots, pepper, Espelette pepper, celery.