Woodland strawberry "Mara des Bois" jam - Maison Perrotte


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An excellent variety of strawberry, "Mara des Bois" reveals a delicate fragrance of woodland strawberries.
A refined classic, essential in any kitchen cupboard !

“I cook all my jams in small batches in copper pots.” A specialist in tailor-made creations, Stephan Perrotte uses recipes exclusive to Vaudelnay, in the Pays de la Loire. He lets his imagination take over and his creativity knows no bounds. He takes great care in making the old classics but also in inventing new pairings to surprise and delight.
He was awarded Best Jam-maker of the World in 2013 and World Champion of Jam in 2015.
Stéphan Perrotte will only cook his jams in a specific type of pot. Only small batches are cooked each time. The first task is to carefully select the fruits, not too ripe and in season. Then just enough beet sugar is added to the fruit. The cooking conditions have to be just right so as not to destroy the pectin in the fruit (a natural plant substance contained in fruit which acts as a gelling agent).  
He works with a single fruit or pairs it with others, adding just what it takes to make it exceptional.

Free of preservatives and artificial flavouring.



Mara des Bois strawberry (62%), sugar, lemon juice, gelling agent: fruit pectin.